Complete Guide to Fitness Exercises for Legs

Welcome to, your online guide to everything related to the fitness exercises that target the muscles in your legs and lower body. You'll find a large selection of legs exercises that you can integrate into your fitness workout routines, using a variety of different fitness equipment.

The website is organized as follows:

  • Browse through a library of over 50 leg exercises
  • Review a variety of workout routines that target the muscles located in your legs
  • Identify the main muscles located in your legs and lower body
  • Familiarize yourself with the various movements that will trigger your leg muscles

Access a Library of 50+ Leg Exercises

Leg Exercises

Use the website to gain access to over 50 exercises that specifically target the muscles located in your legs.

Legs exercises are grouped by the fitness equipment required to perform them and every one is featured using animated images that show you the correct start and middle position as well as comparison notes explaining the differences between each.

Review Workout Routines for Legs

Workout Routines for Leg Exercises

You may use this section if you'd like to review workout routines that were designed to target most muscle groups in your legs and lower body.

You'll find one featured workout routine per type of equipment used.

Muscles Targeted by Leg Exercises

Muscles Targeted by Leg Exercises

The lower body is where you'll find the largest muscles in your body.

One of the largest muscle group in your entire body is called the Quadriceps and is comprised primarily of the muscles located in front of your legs, above your knees and below your hips. Another large muscle group located in your legs are the Hamstrings, located at the back of your legs, above your knees and below your hips. Maybe the largest of them all is called the Gluteals (or simply Glutes), which form your buttocks.

Located outside your hips are the Hip Flexors or simply hip muscles and finally, located below your knees and at the back of your legs are muscles called the Gastrocnemius, or simply calves (calf for the singular form).

Movements Used to Trigger your Leg Muscles

Motions Used by Leg Exercises

Your legs are involved throughout your daily activities from the moment you step out of the bed to the moment you slide back into it.

Broadly speaking, your Quadriceps and Glutes are involved whenever you push on your feet to rise yourself up, your Hip Flexors kick in whenever you raise your legs up or when you push or pull them to one side and finally your Calves are involved whenever you're pushing yourself up or forward on your toes.

All of your lower body muscles are involved whenever you walk, which is one of the reasons you'll want to pay close attention to exercising them.